I could make this a very structured post, but being my first post, I thought I would just get my thoughts on “paper” and then go from there.

My (Megan and I) start was by accident, well not entirely, but it may as well have been, for I never intended to work for myself anytime soon, as I had a JOB. The Military. The job was great while it lasted (those of you in the military or have been in the military can understand both contexts of that statement). If you don’t, we can talk. So, on that note and to continue with the story, the JOB was one in which I was very proud of to do, for it supplied many things for me in my life and my relationship, but…it led to some things that I have to learn to work through. Good and bad. Now, back to the story of how I started.

I tried to work for the civilian sector, but it wasn’t a good fit. I mean it was a great fit, but I was the type of person to want to fix what was broken, which wasn’t received well in companies that were already established. So, with that, I went back to what I was good at and that was working for myself. I was a…

CORD Cutter.

Revolutionary Idea. Not working for the man. Working for yourself and doing what works for you. What does that mean for my future? I have a partner and what that meant is less worrying about what a boss would say or do and more looking at what works for me.

So what led me to where I am now, with the business?

I got into Exterior Care because I enjoy pressure washing, among other things. I love seeing the transformations. I liked pressure washing and after visiting a few networking groups, it was solidified as a service I wanted to provide. It added value to people’s lives and that is what I wanted to provide.

So what now?

Like I said earlier, I am a huge advocate for making things better, whether that’s in my own business or other’s businesses. This is something that has led me to love what I do. I am and will always be someone who wants to use my desire to help to do as much as I can to help. In this time of constant change and uneasiness, I hope to be that person/company that can offer something of value to you in the community, whether that is for your home or business.

To finish with this post, I’d like to go back to my military service and how that has impacted me in my business (along with my beautiful wife Megan). My service was something I wasn’t expecting and what happened when I was “in” made for some interesting stories and experiences that have led to “Ryan”. That being said, I am eternally grateful for those individuals that molded me into who I am today, and because of that, it has led me to be able to provide a service that not only is done by a soldier but that it is done by someone who takes pride in his work and therefore I treat your home or business as if it’s mine. What that means for you is I am not just Joe Schmo off the street asking to pressure wash your driveway or home. I am a guy who ensures your home is left better than when I arrived.

Illustration to close:

My father raised me when I borrowed a neighbors’ lawnmower, to always clean it off and return it in tip-top shape, even if it was dirty when I got it. NO questions asked. I cleaned it and returned it better.

Let me do that for your home or business. Trust me. I care.

Thank you everybody for reading and until next time, keep safe and healthy.


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